Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week 4

This week has really flown by. Most of it has been spent studying, as usual, but there were some fun moments. This week we noticed on our schedule that we were getting a new investigator, and a couple hours before we were supposed to teach him/her, we asked our teacher about it. She left the classroom to figure it out, and when she came back, one district member confidently tried to yell to her, "I think YOU are our my new investigator!" in Chinese, but accidentally said, "I think YOU are my new girlfriend!". It was pretty funny.

Kirk arrived on Wednesday, but I didn't see him once until Saturday night at about 9pm. I've seen him six times now. His schedule is really weird, and it makes me much more grateful for mine. For example, I eat dinner at 5:50. He eats at 4, I think.

Another cool moment of the week was the TRC. They didn't have enough volunteers, so we were assigned to teach an older gentleman who worked here. Instead of teaching him, he taught us, and mostly in English. He told us that he was the fifth generation down from Oliver Cowdry (not direct, though), and that he converted to the church. A few years after he converted, he read a prophecy about Oliver Cowdry that said if he left the church, his family would be cursed up to the fourth generation, or something like that. I thought it was pretty cool. Our next investigator is actually from the seventh ward, which was really random.

The choir doubled in size yesterday, but still there wasn't enough room to fit everyone. About 1500 people wanted to join. And on the 23rd, we will join an 1100 member choir full of real musical people. From now on our devotionals will be in the Marriott Center on Tuesdays.

Other than that, my week has been pretty uneventful. All we really do is plan, study, teach, and go to class. Oh, last week our Sunday devotional was this guy who kind of acted like he was Willard Richards (IDK how to spell it), and he went through the whole Joseph Smith story. At first, I kind of thought it was weird, but it was actually a really cool and spiritual devotional. Joseph Smith prophesied several times in the days before he died that if he went to Carthage, he would be assassinated. He also had told Willard Richards years earlier that someday he would be in a place where bullets would fly past him on all sides, but not hit him. And that happened!

Well, talk to you next week.

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