Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 8

Now to my week.

The coolest part happened last Monday when we got to clean the temple. Two people were security guards, the rest of us changed into white scrubs and got to work. We started in the bride's room, which is beautiful, and we did other rooms that only girls are usually in. Then me and another elder went downstairs to their shop where we took apart chairs they use in the sessions. It was super cool, and I've never explored so much of the temple, especially not in tennis shoes.

Another cool part of the week was the Tuesday devotional, but I can't remember it anymore, I just know I wrote down that I would talk about it. It was a good one, and our district discussion after was also very nice.

We hosted on Wednesday. I had four elders, three going Stateside (two going to the same mission, the other had to be bused down to West Campus) and the last went to Marshall Islands. It was weird because I'm pretty sure he and his dad were talking in a foreign language, but he told me he didn't know any other languages, so maybe it was some dialect of English I don't know.

I forgot if I told you, but one elder going to France has to stay here three more weeks! That sounds like no fun. It's because his French passport didn't work out (he is a French citizen).

The Fourth of July was fun because we heard an amazing flute player (flutist or something?) play a bunch of American songs and then we watched 17 Miracles and then we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks and we had no bedtime! Going to bed at 11:45 is pretty dang late as a missionary. :D

We also got to teach an investigator in English this week because her husband came and he doesn't speak Chinese. I am so glad I don't have to preach in English, because I really think the Lord gives you power in the language he called you in. It's so much easier in Chinese, even though my vocabulary is very limited.

We got our travel plans this week and our group of three is going through LA then Hong Kong (only one hour there, which is not very long) to Singapore flying through Cathay Pacific, I believe. I'm excited. I get to be travel leader, so I assign companionships, which luckily for me, won't be too hard. I'm glad we're going to Hong Kong because my companion's brother just got back from his mission there two weeks before he got in the MTC and he really wanted to see Hong Kong.

Our mission president had a little letter for us which just said send everything not warm-weathery home and don't bring two bags.

One highlight of the week was doing a baptismal interview for someone in the district's version of one of our investigators, and she didn't pass, so I told her that she was good, she just had to meet with the mission president first, and they never set that up, but it is pretend land, so she's probably baptized by now. I'm glad I got that experience, though, it was good.

Yesterday I bore my testimony in Chinese in Sacrament Meeting, and it was weird thinking that last time we had fast Sunday the people there who bore testimonies seemed so amazing at Chinese, but now I realize they really weren't.

Well, that's all for now, only one more week!

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