Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 9

This week has been a good one, but pretty crazy. We started off with our best Monday TRC lesson, I think, but it was a little embarassing because the video and audio quality weren't great, and we accidentally thought she said her name was "Fat" in Chinese, and I asked her how old she was because she sounded like 20, but after our 45 minute lesson, I'm pretty sure she was 60ish. And she laughed a lot at me. Oh, well.

We did hosting again, but I didn't host, since there were plenty of people and I already had that opportunity. But I did meet someone who has spent time in India and we reminisced a bit. We got another generation of Chinese people this week, and we are over 150 now, which is the most the MTC has ever had.

On Thursday we had in-field orientation all day, which was pretty dang long, but a good experience. I got to meet Elder Christensen from The District, and he seems like a pretty cool guy. We taught our last lessons to our investigators, and I think we covered the Law of Chastity pretty thoroughly to one (though not super well, probably), and the Atonement pretty well to another. And then we said goodbye to them the next day.

Yesterday, we had our departure devotional, and we are the biggest group to ever leave the MTC (974 this week), though I'm sure that will be broken in the next few weeks. The MTC is pretty crowded.

On our way to our temple walk, we were greeted by two protesters holding crosses and rambling on about how our church is evil, or whatever. We were nice to them, and as we left, we said "Have a great day!" and one said back to us "I'm having the best day of my life, because *I* have eternal life."

Also, we discovered this week that there are missionaries who stay 12 weeks here, they are learning French and Tahitian, in part to preserve the language, I guess. So we aren't the oldest people here!

The elder in our district who was going to stay extra time at the MTC is actually going to be able to go to a 6 week temporary reassignment in Salt Lake South after travelling to San Francisco to apply for his French passport, or something. Another elder will have to wait an extra week before getting a reassignment since his Australian visa still hasn't arrived. We had three missionaries leave last night in the middle of the night, and two will leave this night, then we leave, then one on the 18th. We have to do some strange splits to make it work, but I really think our district is one of the coolest ever since we're Chinese and going all over the world.

I'm super excited to go to Singapore, but hopefully we make all the flights. It's funny, but I'm the most experienced traveler of the three of us, so I have to be the expert.

We got some good pictures this week, but I'll just get them from other people and forward them eventually. We also taught our teacher as herself as a district, and though our lesson wasn't probably the best, I really thought the Spirit was present and am very grateful to have had that experience.

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