Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 17

It was a good one. One major theme of the week has been the rain. Last week was my first chance of being outside in the rain (it's rained before, but in Singapore, you can be inside all the time, and usually I haven't had to go out), but this week I got that opportunity several times. The best one happened yesterday. After church, we decided to walk around and see the nearby area. Once we were a few minutes away, it suddenly started pouring, and though I had a waterproof rain-fly-ish thing on my backpack, everything in there was soaked. We decided to get on a bus going the opposite direction of where we wanted to go just to get out of the rain. When we finally got on a bus going the right direction, our plans had changed drastically, but a cool lady got on the bus with us and approached us to talk for quite a while. Just one of many, many evidences that happen every day that the Lord knows what he's doing. Another interesting part of the week is one that just barely happened. Transfers! We knew we'd be safe, since we're on a different schedule from the English and Malay missionaries, but our zone is expanding a lot and changed a bunch too. Many of the Malays I knew in the MTC will be training here. Also, one of the sisters in our branch was transferred. Our investigators are great, but they can't be baptized until they can come to church consistently. So hopefully miracles can happen soon! And we hope we can find lots of new investigators, too. We made cool business cards with our church address on them this week. So we feel pretty official, but because of the obscure location of the church, the map we have on it may not be super useful. Oh, well. :) Also we had a few more meal appointments this week. Our favorite was our double dinner appointment night. We taught an investigator with some members who fed us, and after we went to another family's home and were fed there. It was quite a bit of food, but it was all amazing. Both of those families are super cool! One night this week, we had 8 people stay in our place because the Assistants came to do exchanges with the zone leaders, and then the Sitiawan elders came through on their way to their area. It was pretty great. Every day is great here, and I hope it is for all of you back home, as well! Love, Elder Earl

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