Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 39

This week has been excellent! Our Upcoming Baptism: We should have a baptism in March! I will most likely be gone, but either way, it's so cool to know that someone I was the main teacher for will be baptized soon! We even went over the interview questions with her, and she has a great testimony. Our Party: Our branch had a party on Friday night, celebrating the days after Chinese New Year, and it was awesome. Many less active members, investigators, and even potential investigators came. There was good food, fun activities, and nice bonding. Unfortunately, I didn't attend, due to a weird baptismal interview situation. But I'm sure it was fun! There was another branch's party the same night, which also looked like tons of fun. Our Helmets: Were stolen. A car circled around the church a couple times suspiciously, and as they drove out of the parking lot, the District President said, "Elders! They have your helmets!". We looked outside, and sure enough, they stole our helmets. We used the CCTV to watch it, but the license plate wasn't clear. Either way, it was fun, and we're glad we still have bikes. Exchanges: I went on exchanges into Elder Scott's area this week! It was really fun. Elder Scott, if you do not know, is the Elder that by the end of this transfer, I will have lived with for over 6 months! He's awesome, experienced, and powerful. I calculated that I have spent more time with him than anyone else except for maybe Elder Hanks since I left. A lot of miracles happen in their area, and I even got to teach (or observe a lesson, I guess) the man that I did the interview for just a couple days later. It was fun. New Investigator: A member had brought a friend to church several weeks back, and she is now a new investigator! The member even bore her testimony of sharing the gospel yesterday in testimony meeting. Way cool. Institute Class: The Beuses started the class officially this week, and six branch members attended, with several more wanting to come next week. Many of them also bore their testimonies about the Book of Mormon and how excited they are for the class yesterday. Chinese New Year: Is ending. We did, on Monday and Tuesday, still get to gorge ourselves and got more money. In total, we made 213, which is a lot of money. Fireworks still go off nightly, but in less abundance. Anyway, the week has been wonderful and next week will be even better! I love being a missionary, and I learn so much every day. Wo ai nimen! -Elder Earl

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