Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 42

We had a grand week, though the work has been slowing down recently. Either way, we are having a lot of fun and doing our best. Elder Hanks got to Sitiawan, and it sounds like he's doing well there. And now I have a new companion, Elder Broadhead. He has translated his name literally into Chinese, so people find it way funny when they see his name "Wide head elder". We're going to have a great transfer together. One cool thing that happened this week was we got to try some more exotic than usual foods. For example, we had dog meat. Mmmmm. Attached is a picture of my first bite. I also got to have chicken head while on exchanges for baptismal interviews. Also not bad. One of our investigators (the one who read to 2 Nephi in two days) showed that she's been reading well from the Book of Mormon, and when asked what her favorite part was, she showed us 2 Nephi 2 and 2 Nephi 12, so her understanding is also wonderful. She just lives far away. Many appointments fell through, or people who committed to come to church didn't come, so that's kind of sad. But we did have some good lessons, nonetheless, especially reading the Book of Mormon with people. One fun thing that's happened this week is that Elder Broadhead and I have decided to be on the lookout for biawaks, large possibly poisonous lizards that roam around, and we found two the day we started looking. One of them propelled itself feet into the air to escape us and ran extremely fast to another gutter. It was slightly scary, but very fun. All together, the week has been wonderful. I'm excited to work with Elder Broadhead and for the future of this area. I love you all!

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