Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 44

Before I get your hopes up, probably no pictures this week. Sorry. Anyway, this week was a grand one. We had lots of good stuff happen. One of the themes of the week was meetings. The first one was zone meeting, where it was unveiled that our new mission push is for two new investigators per week per companionship. The zone leaders crunched a lot of numbers showing how important that is, and then we did a fun little exercise where we each jumped as high as we could and stuck a sticky note there. Then, without fail, when we jumped a second time, we outdid the first jump. The moral of the story, then, is raise the bar. Associated with this new push are some more fun meetings our zone has started called progressive branch discussions, and I got to be in a couple of those. On top of these meetings, was baptismal interview, branch activity, and exchanges. But, in spite of all these meetings, we still had some good lessons. In one, we helped a new investigator understand how to pray to know the Book of Mormon is true. She said she felt at peace and happy. Oh, and fun fact: when we teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ here, we often use a cool little illustration in Chinese. The characters for repentance, when you dissect the radicals, literally mean "every day change yourself's heart". Cool, huh? I got to have a fun little day with a Malay-speaking elder and randomly, one of the Assistants to the President, who used to be a zone leader here. It's so fun working with Ibans. Something big on everyone's minds here has been the missing airplane. People are all so confused and interested in the story. Some have even expressed to us that they believe aliens have taken it. Or it's gone to another universe. We had a great activity this Saturday, to honor the birthday of Relief Society. We had seven investigators there! It was Western-food themed, and there was lots of good stuff. Our branch president had asked us what we eat in the US, and we answered honestly, "cold cereal." So, that was our contribution to the potluck: Cookie Crisp and Corn Flakes. Yum. All in all, a good week. Hopefully good stuff is coming. Wo ai nimen! -Elder Earl

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