Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 22

This week was super awesome! I started the week by preparing to leave and a couple appointments. It was sad leaving the area, because I really love KL, but I was also excited for my first transfer. I packed all my bags, had a celebratory dinner with the Zone Leaders at Chilis, of all places, and left. The transfer went smoothly. Sibu so far has been amazing. We focus a lot on less actives and building the branch, but we also have a goal of one new investigator a week that we have to work hard to achieve. The branch here is super cool. I love my companion, and our house is very large. We bike around everywhere, or go with the senior couple around to appointments in their car. The food is good, the areas we've worked in are very nice, and I'm excited. General conference was something we watched this past weekend, but I only watched one session in English, so hopefully later I can catch up. It was a good experience watching conference in Chinese, though. I'm really excited to work in this new area, where I will probably be a while. I love it here, and I am excited to get a lot of work done. Wo ai ni men! -Elder Earl

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