Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 31

This week was a good one. There are a few disappointments every week, it seems, but the miracles, the Spirit, and the good we are doing outweigh it all. The joy of being involved in missionary work is great, and luckily, it isn't limited to the full time missionaries. Everyone has a part in the work of salvation! One funny experience we had this week was early in the week, we had a few Chinese people randomly show up at the church, which was really awesome. We gave them a tour, and they stayed for FHE, which they seemed to really enjoy. However, we later really found out they were sent from another church, who every once in a while sends different people to kind of scout out what our church is doing. It's sad they didn't have genuine interest, but we welcome everyone to come and see, to join in worship, and to learn about the glorious message of Christ with us. Something that we are going to push this week is home teaching. It doesn't currently exist in the branch, but with the elders' quorum president, we decided it could really help our branch out. So more on that next week, hopefully. One of the major events of the week was Saturday's three-branch Christmas party. It was so much fun! It was more people than expected, and we ran out of food, but it was lots of fun. We had Nativity performances, songs, dances, and more. It was really fun, and many less actives and potential investigators came. Yesterday, we had a miracle of active members taking less active members to church. Our attendance was the highest it's been for many months! Next week, I get to teach Sunday school! That will be fun. We'll be in Kuching one day this week for Christmas conference., It will be awesome. Especially being reunited with my other two amigos in my generation. Love, Elder Earl

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