Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 28

This weekly update doesn't have much, because of all the time I spent travelling this week, but we still had time to have awesome experiences and witness some miracles. Firstly, after we figured out about transfer news, we went downtown to run errands, and a group of Iban girls came up to us to request to have a picture taken with them. It was funny. Then we got haircuts, and the person styled my hair into a fohawk. On Tuesday, we had a lesson with the miracle contact from the week before, and he's awesome. He says if he had a way to, he'd drive all of his friends every week to our church. Because he is married into an Iban family, though, he is now the Malay elders' investigator. We had an awesome bowling activity this week. One miracle is that I didn't get last place! Between Thursday and Saturday, however, I was gone in Singapore. President Mains (probably for the first time ever), immediately revealed who was training who, and we had fun for three days in Singapore! My new companion is Elder Hanks, who did, in fact, meet my family in New York at Hill Cumorah. Just another little witness the Lord knows what He is doing. In Singapore, outside of our meetings, we visited Marina Bay (twice), went to Chinatown, and contacted. My trainee is already very good at Chinese and extremely willing to work. So he's awesome. Since we've been back home in Sibu, we've mostly just done weekly planning. But at church, we had yet another person walk into our church randomly. We already have an appointment scheduled for this week. I also gave a talk on Sunday, which I had very little time to prepare for. So it probably wasn't too great. :) We're excited for our new companionship, and with the Lord's help to overcome our lack of language ability and experience, we know we will do great things. I love you all! Love, Elder Earl

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