Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 32

Was awesome! We had some interesting challenges, but we also had some great tender mercies and other experiences. One highlight of the week was going to Christmas Conference in Kuching. It only took one day of the week, but because of the early flights and club music playing all night, it took a large toll on our sleep. While in Kuching, we did some service, heard some talks, slept during some talks (on accident!), acted out the Nativity (we were the worst shepherds ever. We only had one job and we messed it up!), and talked with all of our missionary buddies. I got to be reunited with my MTC buddies, Elders Sutherland and Mitchell. So that was fun. I also got a large package and got to eat some delicious packaging peanuts. The best part about Kuching, however, was the miracle of the week. We decided we were going to talk to as many people as possible, and because of that goal, I started talking to a cool guy in a bookstore, who just happened to be from Sibu. He's Chinese and says he needs some more information before he can make an informed decision on God's existence. Well, we'll be happy to give them that information: the restored and everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ! Other fun things of the week: *Snapping turtles and bears *The power went off late at night, and we went outside to see what was up, and all the neighbors decided to light off tons of fireworks! We're excited for Chinese New Year for sure. *We went to pizza hut in Kuching, and one of the zone leaders and I noticed the best deal was delivery only. We walked outside the store and tried our very best to get them to deliver to us. In the end, we ate at another restaurant. *More biking in a single day than ever before. In pouring rain! Our struggles this week: *Getting stood up. In Chinese they say "fang gezi" which means "unleash pigeons" *Investigators not coming to church Our successes this week: *Less actives becoming active! *Home teaching begins *So many people committing to come to church next year! *Being a missionary is just awesome. Wo ai nimen! Love, Elder Earl

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