Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 27

There isn't as much to report on this week, since I was a Chinese elder for pretty much only two days, due to district leader companion exchanges. But I had lots of fun and interesting experiences. First and foremost, transfers happen this week. We just barely got the news, and Elder Cranford is going to Kuala Lumpur! I'm staying and getting a new companion fresh from the MTC. So that will be fun. I was a Chinese elder for a bit, and got to witness some awesome things. For example, the two who walked into the church building on Sunday also came to FHE, and they're super awesome! And cool people coming to church again for the first time this week! And best of all, one great investigator is making awesome progress. She understands if she gets an answer, it will mean big changes for her life, but she said she's not afraid of that. She also applies scriptures to herself! She's awesome. I was a Malay elder this week, pretty much. So I learned some Malay phrases, and I exchanged with four different Malay elders. I saw monkeys as pets, jungle houses, kampung fish, and more. I ate cool foods, witnessed amazing lessons, and more. I even got to exchange with Elder Scott, who I lived with in Kuala Lumpur. And because I have a way of taking pictures now, the rest of my message will be sent in 1000-word equivalents. I love you all!

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