Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 30

It was once again an awesome week! Though overall we are an inexperienced companionship, we work and pray hard for the Lord's help to make up for our weakness. One awesome miracle of the week happened yesterday. We got home from our church meetings yesterday, and one companionship was still home and told us of all the cool people who had committed to come to their branch, including one very less active member. After they left to church, we got a call from a potential investigator we'd called a few times, but nothing had come of, that said she was at our church. She had apparently come with their less active member, and when she realized they were at the address we had given her, she called us. She enjoyed the meeting, and we have a return appointment! Another cool story of the week started a few days ago, when we had arranged to eat dinner with some other potential investigators. As we waited for them, we contacted two people. The second one was from Canada and really awesome, and we even had dinner with him two nights later. He's really friendly to us, and we hope the Book of Mormon we gave him will help him feel the Spirit and want to learn more. We went to a really awesome member's home this week, and watched "Finding Faith in Christ" with him and his non-member family. His mother thoroughly enjoyed it, and we plan on showing another movie next time: "The Restoration". :) This week we are going to plan and prepare a lot for a Christmas party on Saturday (mom's birthday!!). It should be a fun one, but we missionaries have a part that isn't ready, and I certainly hope I won't be doing too much singing and dancing. One crazy experience was we called a food stand last Monday to get some Ramly burgers ready, and as we went to pick them up, a huge rainstorm came. We literally waded through the rain to get them. And all this while I was on a temporary small, pink/orange, no gears/brakes bicycle. We also got 100% drenched the next day on a bike ride to a way cool less active member's house. Anyway, Sibu is still awesome, and my son is doing well. The senior couple remarked we were the first companionship they'd seen where the trainee talks a significant amount in lessons. So he's awesome. Love, Elder Earl

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